Meet Bob

I ran for Ashland City Council because I love Ashland and I’m committed to the future of our community. The pandemic and Almeda Fire have taken their toll on our people, economy, and our belief in our ability to find solutions. Climate change is here in the form of smoky summers, fire risk, heat, and drought. It’s clear to me our city works for some people, but not for everyone. Like so many cities, we have a crisis of affordability and sustainability.

With my wife Lorrie Kaplan

My career in public service has taught me people can come together despite differences to accomplish amazing things. Ashland has tremendous assets, and our wise decisions now will determine our city’s future.

As your City Councilor, you can count on me to do my homework, ask questions first, listen attentively, act with integrity, and stay focused on solutions.

My only agenda is an Ashland that works for everyone. 

Ashland Community Service Before Joining the City Council

My Resume in Brief

Over two decades leading teams at the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank, I learned how to find workable solutions to important challenges — like providing water and wastewater treatment services, managing natural disaster risks, protecting the environment, strengthening municipal finance and administration, stimulating rural and local economies, and bolstering public education. The best solutions flow from active public engagement, and I will always look for ways to engage all Ashlanders in our community.