Community Engagement

Over my career, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from countless civic leaders and exceptional people working with integrity and compassion to help their communities thrive. I’ve seen firsthand that city governance is improved by actively gathering input from a wide range of perspectives and working through the best options together. I was hopeful when a group of Ashlanders got together to propose a way to reopen our Community Center and Pioneer Hall, which have played an important civic purpose for many years. I applaud these dedicated Ashlanders, and I’d like to move forward with sensible repairs to re-open these cherished community spaces, perhaps through a community-led initiative in partnership with the City.

I will always:

  • Consider all ideas with an open mind
  • Be accessible to all Ashlanders and seek out opportunities to learn from everyone, with particular sensitivity to people who feel unwelcome or left out
  • Look for creative ways to enhance community solidarity and engagement so we all advance together