City Infrastructure

Ashland has developed an impressive array of infrastructure to meet our needs. In addition to roads, we manage an electric utility, a complex system for producing and distributing clean drinking water and collecting and treating our sewage, and a fiber optic network. We also have our own fire department and police, and an extensive parks and recreation system.

I often hear questions about whether our current model is cost-effective and how we can continue to maintain it. Based on my career experience and my service here on Ashland’s Citizens Budget Committee, I believe we can manage these challenges without breaking the bank. I will focus on sustainable solutions and building a greater shared understanding of our fiscal strengths and weaknesses.

I will work with my Council colleagues to:

  • Clarify our priorities and find sensible, cost-effective ways to achieve them
  • Maintain and improve our infrastructure for today, and make smart investments for tomorrow based on clear-eyed analysis of the full life-cycle costs of each option
  • Insist on absolute transparency to keep public trust and confidence that our government works for us