Committed to Ashland

I believe that Ashland should work for everyone

How I’m involved in our community

We’re among the many people who chose Ashland as our home because we share the values of this community

People ask what brought Lorrie and me to Ashland from the east coast.

We moved here because this community aligns with our values.

We love this small city with so many interesting people, abundant culture, and a well-regarded institution of higher learning, surrounded by incredible natural beauty, and with access to delicious, fresh food grown by talented local farmers.

On the Pacific Crest Trail, near Ashland

Since moving here in 2019, I’ve attended City Council meetings regularly. It’s a great way to learn about the nuts and bolts of how our city works and how all the pieces fit together. I’m so impressed and encouraged with how much people care. That’s a huge asset!

My career background has been working with governments to find workable solutions, so I’m very comfortable with the technical details. I got involved right away by reading many of the City’s planning and financial documents, joining citizen advisory commissions, and volunteering in the community.

It would be an honor to serve our community on the City Council; together, we can make a vibrant, resilient, and caring Ashland that works for everyone.

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