My Experience Makes Me Uniquely Qualified to Address the Array of Issues that Come Before City Council

Thank you to the American Association of University Women and Mountain Meadows Dems Plus for hosting a candidate forum on Sunday October 16. All candidates were asked to provide a written response to the question,

How does your background prepare you for addressing
the wide array of issues that come before City Council?”

Here’s my answer.

My life’s passion has been working to address the root causes of poverty, inequity, social exclusion, and environmental degradation. For 30 years, I led teams of technical and financial specialists to help governments and nonprofits in Latin America create sustainable and affordable solutions on a wide range of economic and social issues and responsibilities. These issues are very much like those we face here in Ashland – even including managing public utilities. I learned how important it is to be able to translate complex technical information into clear choices.

As the head of a small US federal agency for the last six years of the Obama administration, I gained valuable experience with public sector budgets and financial statements, and the rules around accountability for public resources. I understand best practices in governance and fiscal stewardship and believe this background will be of use on the Council.

I’m on our Citizens Budget Committee and Climate Policy Commission and have been an active community volunteer with several local organizations for more than three years, focused mainly on housing and affordability, financial stewardship, and the impacts of the changing climate on our economy and our most vulnerable residents. These issues will be front and center for the City Council over the coming years, and I feel well prepared to serve.