Career Experience

A lifelong public servant, I’ve worked collaboratively with elected and appointed civic leaders, civil servants, and community organizations

Over two decades leading teams at the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank, I’ve learned how to find workable solutions to important challenges — like providing water and wastewater treatment services, managing natural disaster risks, protecting the environment, strengthening municipal finance and administration, stimulating rural and local economies, and bolstering public education. The best solutions flow from active public engagement, and I will always look for ways to engage all Ashlanders in our community.

My emphasis on collaboration
will serve us well in Ashland

A career highlight for me was my time as President of the Inter-American Foundation, which partners with all kinds of local groups – from indigenous producer co-ops to youth cultural organizations, and LGBT rights activists – to help their communities thrive.

Meeting with a weavers cooperative in Bolivia …at 15,000 feet above sea level! I’m the last person on the right.

My Resume in Brief

Peace Corps Paraguay, mid-1980s. I’m the one with the beard.
In Washington, D.C.,, mid-2010s.

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